Hygge is a competitively paced defuse-map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, offering players a unique and well-playing playing experience. The level itself encourages players to use creative and different strategies every round, while retaining its simplistic design elegantly.


The goal of this project was to create a completely unique and fresh map layout for players to enjoy without re-inventing the wheel. This resulted in a ‘baseball’-esque design, that substantially contrasts with the classic ‘four-square’ layout, encouraging players to develop new strategies never seen before – providing fun gameplay to both teams at any given time.


Numerous connections lead to their desired destination, granting players exquisite rotation times among both sites. As Mid-control fundamentally gives teams dominance  over A and B, intense battles along with ever changing combat situations often stage themselves in this area. It’s a place of organised chaos.   


Hygge’s theme is inspired by one of my trips to Denmark – a country so diverse in every aspect of ways of living.