On Track

Off the rails is a research project designed for the 2021 GOGBOT festival in Enschede, part of which investigated the blurred line between fake news, disinformation and misinformation. The research project focuses on explaining the difference between each type of false information, as the festival edition aired under the name of “Infocalypse now! – Recalibrate reality”.

Recalibration in times of the Infocalypse

The line between ‘Fake News’, ‘Propaganda’ and harmless ‘Misinformation’ is heavily blurred by mass media and users in social networks of today. On Track is an interactive installation that premiered at GOGBOT 2021 – a creative technology festival in Enschede, The Netherlands – shining light into this unclarity.

Design by research in Deep State 9

Showcasing an immersive fictional disaster followed up by fictional news-flash videos, Off the rails concentrates its effort to clarify those terms by having the user decide per video, which type of false information it represents. In a form of a social experiment, this data has been anonymously collected and presented afterward to the user.

Aging Well

Airing under the title ‘Recalibrate reality!’, Off the rails stimulates its users to be aware of what information source they will use in the future.

Two years later, this research project has aged well, as we all watch artificial intelligence slowly making its way towards world domination.